"I have been using Mountain Green laundry products for close to two years now and their all natural products are the best on the market.

There are no harsh chemicals and all of their products are plant-based. Not only does this product really clean, it's also good for you and the planet!"
Kelly Preston

"Thank you. I love your detergent! My son has extremely sensitive skin and multiple food allergies. I have tried a gazillion different detergents (from Tide Free to more "natural" alternatives from Country Save, Planet, Seventh Generation) and your detergent is the *only* detergent that does not cause any problems for my son. Thank you very, very much. You have no idea how important you are to us." Mountain Green Customer from California

"I discovered your laundry detergent at Linens-N-Things in 2008.  After using your baby detergent for the first time to wash cloth diapers, I was completely in love!!! It not only removed would-be stains and every type of unmentionable substance, but it left everything smelling absolutely clean....without any artificial fragrances. Amazing! The natural ingredients were far superior to the leading orange bottle brand I'd been forced into using for years due to lack of effective alternatives.

Online I discovered even more to love about Mountain Green as a company...including your carbon-neutral facility in AZ, that it's US-made, that it doesn't make you glow in the dark like other brands, and that you make other products (of which I've tried many since with equal impressiveness). Since 2008, I have actively promoted your products via my eco-friendly website as the best laundry detergent available to greenies! I'm one of your largest supporters for everything your company strives to do in making this world a greener, cleaner place!!!
Thank you for making our world greener (and my house cleaner) everyday!"
Amber Harris
ecoSAFE, Owner

"My wife and I love Mountain Green laundry detergent and dryer sheets! Now that our daughter, MJ is over 7 months old, we seem to keep going through different outfits every week. She’s a big girl and we do a few loads of laundry every day. Nothing beats Mountain Green for getting our clothes clean without irritating our skin, and that’s saying something because my wife is allergic to most fabrics, chemicals and metals. Ever since starting our baby blog, we’ve had loads of comments about how happy our daughter looks. I’m convinced that being comfortable in her clothes is one of the keys to her comfort, which keeps her happy and playful all the time. Thanks, Mountain Green!"
Alex T. from Bellevue, WA

"I was a heavy Mrs. Meyer's user for a time (before discovering your products), but noticed that not only did my adult autistic daughter, Katy develop rashes after a few months of use, the laundry also began to yellow (yuck). Katy is now in diapers most of the time, and the baby product line of your products are the only ones that seemed not to react with her. I'm up to well over 40 loads of laundry now a week. One of my coworkers came over to my house today while I was washing Katy's sheets, and spotted the refill pouches of the Ultra Baby soap and fabric softener. Needless to say, I lost one of each to her!"
Kelley from Jal, NM

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