Detergents for Cloth Diapers

A note on "Free and Clear"...
Choose a detergent for your wonderful cloth diapers that will keep them smelling fresh, leak-free and soft!

We get calls daily about leaking cloth diapers, especially pocket diapers and All-In-Ones, and the Free and Clear detergents listed below are the culprits 99% of the time.  Please note that many parents do use Free and Clear detergents successfully... it depends on the water in your area. However, it is true that when we receive calls and the issue is due to the detergent, Free and Clear detergents were being used. And if you do want or need to use a Free and Clear detergent, then we recommend Mountain Green.

Mountain Green Free & Clear and Mountain Green Baby Free & Clear
"This is a detergent that our customers have started to really rave about.

Love To Know Organic - Online Magazine

Natural Ingredients Fabric Softener

By Lorisoard

Natural ingredients fabric softener can be a great choice for singles, married couples, and families. There are many reasons to use natural products and several product choices to consider.

Why Use Natural Ingredients Fabric Softeners

Although many phosphates have been banned, there still exist chemicals and pollutants in many fabric softeners and household cleaners. Not all softeners and detergents are as biodegradable as others. Consumers may want to even consider the type of plastic that the container is made from when trying to live a greener lifestyle.

Do you love the smell of fabric softener? Believe it or not, some people really dislike this smell and want it out of their clothes. Many of the same ingredients that create this smell are toxic and can cause respiratory issues in some people. Also, those who are vegan may be opposed to using animal fat. Dryer sheets sometimes contain tallow.

You do have choices when it comes to fabric softeners:

    • Buy Green: Regular fabric softeners are made with animal and synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients fabric softeners are made without synthetic ingredients.
    • Make Your Own: Still concerned that your fabric softener may not be 100 percent natural? You can always make your own fabric softener with ingredients such as white vinegar.

      Brands of Natural Softeners
    • If you aren't into making your own or just like the added assurance of soft clothes, you might want to check into some of the different brands of fabric softeners that are all natural.

    • Mountain Green is perfect for sensitive skin. All of their detergents and fabric softeners are also acceptable for use in high efficiency washing machines.

      There are many ways to reduce your use of toxins and create a safer, cleaner home and safer cleaner world. The use of natural ingredients fabric softener is one of many ways you can work toward achieving these goals. 


Your Top Laundry Questions, Answered

What’s the best way to wash delicate laundry? If the care tag says “gentle cycle,” use a mild detergent. “Regular-formula liquid detergents have chemical additives that can harm delicate fibers,” says Linda Cobb, known as the Queen of Clean ( Cobb likes Woolite ($6.50, at supermarkets), but if you’re already using an all-natural detergent for regular loads, she recommends Mountain Green Detergent ($10, at Whole Foods). “Green detergents are safe for any type of clothing because they are all natural, meaning they don’t contain chemicals that will harm those gentler items.”
For colorfast delicates that are stained, Cobb suggests treating them the natural way, using 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is just as effective as nonchlorine bleach. Pour ½ cup into a full load and your garments will sparkle.  ~Elinor Smith

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With Mountain Green Products you don't pay us to give you water, we provide you with a 3x concentrated product that contains no extra water; 1 oz does a full load of laundry!


Sundance Channel's ECO-MMUNITY has recognized Mountain Green as a true Green company.

Click here to see the posting of Mountain Green at EcoFirms: an eco friendly companies director, supporting ecological solutions.

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The Health & Environment Resource Center explains how your environment can be affecting you health. Including chronic health problems such as chronic headaches, allergies and asthma.

Health Risks with Fabric Softeners

The Environmental Health Network shares information regarding chemicals in dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Why Free & Clear is the way to go for a healthier clean!

Anne C. Steinmann's article and press release on emissions from residential dryer vents during use of fragranced laundry products.

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