Frequently Asked Questions - Kitchen

Are your products safe for my sensitive skin? Yes! Mountain Green was founded 20 years ago with the specific goal of providing “skin sensitive” products to people. Since then we have expanded our line of products, but always with skin sensitivity in mind. Our products are formulated only with the gentlest surfactants, and no harsh chemicals or perfumes that might irritate sensitive skin.

Are your products biodegradable? Yes, all of our products are plant-based with no harsh chemicals and therefore they biodegrade quickly with minimal environmental impact.

Are your products wheat/gluten free? Yes, our products are corn and coconut based.

Why should I buy the refill pouch? The refill pouch uses 85% less energy and resources to create than another bottle. In addition it creates 85% less waste in areas where it is not yet recyclable. By buying a refill pouch, not only can you reduce and recycle, you are also reusing your bottle! It’s a better way to ship the product and store the product at home and it is cheaper, therefore a better value for you.

Are your products considered vegan? Yes, we never use animal products/animal testing in any of the products we make.

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