Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe for my sensitive skin? Yes! Mountain Green was founded 20 years ago with the specific goal of providing “skin sensitive” products to people. Since then, we have expanded our line of products, but always with skin sensitivity in mind. Our products are formulated only with the gentlest surfactants, and no harsh chemicals or perfumes that might irritate sensitive skin.

Are your products biodegradable? Yes, all of our products are plant-based with no harsh chemicals; therefore, they biodegrade quickly with minimal environmental impact.

Can your dryer sheets be used more than once? Do they disintegrate in the dryer or do they need to be thrown away? Our dryer sheets are a woven, microfiber cloth. They do not disintegrate in the dryer, but they can only be used once to soften and remove static in the dryer. After that, they make a great dusting cloth until you wish to toss them.

Why should I buy the refill pouch? The refill pouch uses 85% less energy and plastic to create than another bottle. By buying a refill pouch, not only can you reduce and recycle, you are also reusing your bottle! It’s a better way to ship and store the product. It also costs less and is a great value!

What is the difference between Baby Free and Clear detergent and regular Free and Clear detergent? The Baby Free & Clear detergent contains an extra surfactant (cleaning agent) that the regular Free & Clear detergent does not. It is designed to get out unique “baby” stains with greater cleaning power, while remaining extremely gentle on an infant's tender skin.

Where can I buy Mountain Green products? On this website, or at our manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona. The cost of shipping is about the same whether you buy a case, or just one bottle, so stock up and save! If you prefer purchasing product at a store, or have an immediate need, you can also find us at Zoolikins, Cotton Babies, and natural/healthfood retailers.

Are your products suitable to use in a HE front loading machine? Yes, all of our products are formulated for use in both standard and high efficiency machines, and are low sudsing.

Are your products considered vegan? Yes! We never use animal products or animal testing in any of the products we make. They are also wheat/gluten free.

I have a problem with static in my dryer even when I use a dryer sheet – any suggestions? It is important to make sure that you do not overload your dryer, or over-dry your clothes. We always recommend putting the dryer on the “regular dry” setting and then adding more time if needed. Letting them tumble around while already dry leads to excessive static build-up, and undoes the work of any fabric softener or dryer sheet you may have used. It also wastes energy.

Do you sell your products by the case pack?  Yes we do, buying by the case is a great way to save money on shipping, because the cost to ship an entire case is comparable to the cost to ship just one bottle!

What is the difference between the 2X and the 3X detergent? 3X detergent is a more concentrated version of our already concentrated 2 X detergent. The only difference is that you use less per load (1 oz vs. 1.5 oz for the 2X).

Do your products contain phthalates? No, none of our products contain phthalates.

Are your products wheat/gluten free? Yes, our products are corn and coconut based.

Do you ship to Canada?  We will gladly ship to Canada, but the shipping cost is pricey. If you put in your order, it will give you the FedEx shipping cost before your final payment.

Where are Mountain Green products manufactured?  We blend all our products in our carbon neutral facility in Tempe, Arizona.

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