Frequently Asked Questions - Baby

Are your products safe for my cloth diapers?  Yes, our Baby Free & Clear Detergent can be used safely on cloth diapers. In fact, we are listed as a recommended detergent on the Real Diaper Industry Association webpage ( Please start with half the recommended amount (1 oz.) of detergent so you can see how your machine and water softness effect your laundry.

What is the difference between Baby Free and Clear detergent and regular Free and Clear detergent? The Baby Free & Clear detergent contains an extra surfactant (cleaning agent) that the regular Free & Clear detergent does not. It is designed to get out unique “baby” stains with greater cleaning power, while remaining extremely gentle on an infant's tender skin.

Since there are no instructions on the back of the baby detergent refill pouch, how much should I use? The label states to use 1 oz. to start. The amount will vary depending on what you are washing, if you have soft or hard water, HE or regular machine, using hot or cold water and the amount of clothes being cleaned.

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