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Clean Wash, Not Greenwash

Skin Sensitive DetergentMountain Green is a company that manufactures all our products in Tempe, Arizona. For over 20 years, Mountain Green products have cleaned family and baby laundry, kitchens and homes with concentrated formulas that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our mission is helping the world be a cleaner AND greener place to live through our line of all natural laundry detergents, household cleansers, fabric softeners, dryer sheetsnatural dish soap and other cleaning products.

Mountain Green is "in the business of creating new ways to get things clean without adding any toxic stuff to the world." A simple yet revolutionary idea that we are proud to claim.

You won't find chemicals thinly disguised as natural, or products claiming to be organic when only a tiny fraction of the ingredient list is truly organic. You also won't find alcohol, sulfates, petroleum, phthalates or hidden chemical additives.

All Natural Laundry DetergentOur entire line of products uses 100% plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and mineral/coconut/corn based compounds.

They are ideal for babies, those with skin sensitivities or allergies, or simply those who want to lower their exposure to chemicals and minimize the presence of anything toxic in their home. Since the entire product line is based on standards for those with extreme sensitivities and allergies, they are completely hypoallergenic with all known carcinogens and toxins formulated out of the products. It's simply a healthier clean!

Founded in 1980, today the company manufactures all its products on-site and is kosher certified.

Best-selling Mountain Green products include Baby Free & Clear Laundry Detergent and unscented Baby Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid.  This website is where you can get the best All Natural Laundry Detergent and Natural Dish Soap!

Just say no to toxic ingredients and warning labels!

We don't believe in advertising hype with partially-true claims of "green," "natural" or "organic," and are happy to provide disclosure of all product ingredients on the ingredients page.

Our eco-friendly practices also extend far beyond the product. Our manufacturing facility is designed top-to-bottom for reduced waste, recycling and minimal energy/water consumption. We strongly believe in maximizing sustainability and environmental conservation practices wherever possible.

From packaging based on recycled materials with minimum density and size, to our gray water, recycling, solar and air filtration systems - green is integrated into the very fiber of our business. We walk the talk every single day.

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